This Human Journey

I am having such great feelings of love for this world and all the people in it. How human can we be?!

All the beautiful young people, lots of them struggling. For good reason obviously.

How is it to grow up in a dying world. Where the future is bleak, crazy leaders fighting each other as if they play a chess game, sacrificing women and children. Companies and leaders crazy with greed, without any regard for other people, or the future of this planet. How sick is that!

Still all the young people I meet are so open and beautiful. So different when I grew up when shame was so deep that we hardly looked into each other’s eyes, we hardly connected.

How much love I feel for everyone. Even the crazy greedy ones. So much trauma. So much unprocessed pain and grief. It is fucking hard to be human. It is fucking hard to feel disconnected from the Love that we are.

But that is the whole point, isn’t it? How can one appreciate something that is already there? Only by forgetting it for a while and living disconnected from it, one can find the amazing awe that this Love deserves. By re-remembering we realize how lucky we are, how amazing it is to be alive. Because it is temporary and we have this unique chance to feel it all and live it all. The horrors and the bliss.

We can just throw ourselves in the water and let the crazy current take us. Through hell and back to heaven and then we know. Then we can Love everything so deeply and realize that is all we need. To feel this Love come through us, like a river of pain and beauty and awe and gratitude and aliveness.