Duija offers the following Art of Embodiment services

Embodiment Counseling

Private Session

There is nothing to fix. There is no ‘becoming better.’ There is only this moment and we can either embrace this moment or reject it. Embracing it means we are at peace -even when it sometimes feels uncomfortable – rejecting it means we are suffering.

Cradle Therapy Sessions

Private Session

In my Cradle Therapy sessions I hold you close for an hour, so that you can feel grounded and safe. I connect you to the space of being, so you feel held by love. I encourage you to stop the habitual doing and trying to improve something, and instead to relax into yourself and rest in this place of deep belonging.

Daily Zoom Meditations

Group Session

During the daily Zoom Meditations, we gather together to practice the state of Being together. In our day-to-day lives, our attention is usually with our minds, which distances us from life instead of allowing us to be IN life. We see the world filtered through our ideas and beliefs instead of directly experiencing it.

$90 / hr

Financial Flexibility: If you would like to book a session with Duija and need financial flexibility, Duija may offer a discounted rate.  Contact Duija directly before booking a session in order to make an arrangement.

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