Duija Ros

Since I was very young, I have been looking for this vague idea of Home. The first time I found it was when I met Michael Barnett in his spiritual Community in France. It was the deepest experience of Love and Truth and Homecoming I ever had. From then on, it was absolutely clear to me my life was about the Sacred.

I learned to be as big as the Universe. But then life brought me to the US, where I found my teacher Jeannie Zandi, who taught me that to visit an amazing space and to live from that space are two different things.

So began the slow and painful process of Embodiment where I finally faced all my old wounds and hurt places and learned how to hold them and how to love myself. This process allowed me to give up my defenses and control, taught me humility, and showed me how to live in deep surrender to Love and the flow of life. 

Since then it has become clear to me that life teaches us all we need to know in each moment. It is nothing more than a perfect mirror reflecting the parts of us not yet at rest. The more I let my heart break, the more this tremendous love comes through me, and the more all I want to do is be of service to Sacredness. At this point, I don’t mind cleaning toilets for the Divine. Through my experience with holding myself, I got pretty good at holding other people too. So since 10 years I have been holding people and showing them how they can hold themselves in the Love that they are.

Duija lives as much as she can in the moment, steeped in the field of Being, empty of anything but for the Love that we all are.