Embodiment Counseling

There is nothing to fix. There is no ‘becoming better.’ There is only this moment and we can either embrace this moment or reject it. Embracing it means we are at peace -even when it sometimes feels uncomfortable – rejecting it means we are suffering.

When we are children, we take life as it comes. We feel everything that arises, because our hearts are wide open. Our parents or caregivers are not always acting from love due to their own traumas, and that is how we get hurt.

Sometimes it is so bad that we can’t digest the feeling, and a little part of us separates. To keep this devastated part of ourselves in our unconscious, we use little defense mechanisms that become part of our ego. For example, perhaps we feel lonely. But instead of accepting the lonely part, we bury it deeply in the shadow and our ego defends it with a feeling of superiority.

Those hidden parts are still in our bodies and sometimes they get triggered, especially in intimate relationships, when we are reminded, unconsciously of our traumas.

When we are triggered, we can react as young children, because those hidden parts are still young and have a lot of emotions. Being triggered is an opportunity to get these parts out of the shadow so you can get to know them.

The more we feel them without the story, the more we realize that they are not us, so the less we identify with them. The less we identify with these stories, the easier it is to avoid being triggered, and lashing out.

Any time we are feel triggered, or confused, we can be sure that there are some little parts involved.

We usually avoid finding those parts because they feel uncomfortable and painful. When they get triggered it is tempting to stay with the story in the mind instead of with the actual feeling in the body.

But the more we get to know all the parts of our selves, the more we realize who we really are. We uncover the hidden beliefs of the ego, and those parts slowly fall away until it is clear that what we actually are is the wide open love space in which everything appears. More and more we can stay in the moment instead of being lost in the story.

 My presence and love help you to stay present with whatever comes up in the moment, so that you get to know and support yourself deeply and discover you are Love itself.


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