The catch with Law of attraction

I believe in the principal of us attracting things that matches our energy. I believe that Gratitude is enormously important for our wellbeing. But as always it is very easy to explain deep spiritual laws through a very human lens and then it can quickly get pretty distorted.

Through this human lens we believe we can get what we want as long as we stay positive and grateful. Which makes us very responsible for our lives. If we don’t get what we want we did something wrong. If we get sick, we did that to ourselves. We were not positive or grateful enough. We announce loudly the whole day through how grateful we are even when life is shit.

We cannot be authentic anymore, we lose our connection with what is, with the moment. Instead of becoming more loving we get more doubting, comparing, judging ourselves or others.

Being grateful becomes a method to get something, we are being grateful with an agenda, which is not real gratitude.

We lose sight of the fact that gratitude is always already here when we sink into life. We don’t have to do anything for it. Gratitude is. Love is. Aliveness is. It appears whenever we allow ourselves to become one with life. And we can become one with life through being with what is. Whatever is here, positive or so-called negative feelings, can bring us to oneness.

I have had the most beautiful oneness experiences when grieving deeply.

There is nothing to strive for, manifest, or do. It is already here, the moment we allow life to have us. The moment we surrender to life, there it is, this overwhelming feeling of rightness, of gratitude, of being held by love.

So it is not about frantically holding onto gratitude and positivity. It is the opposite; it is about sinking into what is already always here each moment.

Whatever it is, when we let it pull us into the moment -instead of avoiding the feelings by going into our minds- we are also able to notice that what is always underneath everything. Which is Love holding us.

Then we can’t help falling into gratefulness and from that place we can manifest cause we are one with life.