We spend most of our time with our attention away from actual reality. This means that we are spending a lot of our time in illusion. This is so, because the only reality that is alive, is the experience of the actual moment, the now.

This experience is always very simple. The sensation of breathing is happening. Our hands are resting in our laps. Sadness is here. I hear music. There are no conclusions, nor any ideas about a ‘me’. Reality is simply what is experienced in each moment.

However, we spend most of our time with our attention in our minds. And when we listen to our minds, we are in illusion. The mind can only be with the ideas, interpretations and conclusions of reality. It can only be in the past (mulling over things that happened) or in the future (mulling over things that might happen). Actual reality cannot be experienced with the mind.

For example, look at a flower and keep your attention on your heart instead of in your mind. This way you have an experience of the flower. Then let the mind take over and what will happen is firstly the word “flower.” Categorizing the experience into a word already takes a little distance from the experience. We know ‘flower’, we don’t need to experience it. Then secondly what comes in is judgements about the flower. It is beautiful, or it is not as beautiful as that flower. That also brings us further away from the experience of the flower.

This distance makes us more separate from the flower. First we were in communion with it. Now we are being separate from it and judging it. But we are not only separate from the flower, most importantly we are also separate from the foundational energy of the Universe.

This beautiful energy of right-ness is available to us all the time, when we sink into actual reality. It feels like everything is exactly as it should be. It feels like everything is being drenched in love and beauty. When we can sink into that energy, it feels like home. When we live from that place, it feels alive.

People call this energy many names. For example, God, Love, Existence, Spirit or the Beloved. These are names for the experience of an energy or an intelligence that connects everything and is the source of everything.

Suffering is being separate from our actual experience of things because we separate ourselves from this energy that makes us feel connected and at home.

Whenever we long for something in our life, this is actually what we long for. Home. This is the place where everything is perfect even if it isn’t. A place where we can simple rest.

For us to find this place, we are asked to give up our attachment to our mind and enter more and more into the not-knowing. Instead of relying on ideas, we stay really close to our actual experience. Like, for example, instead of judging ourselves or others, we stay with the experience of disappointment or heartbreak.

The more we stay with our attention in our minds, with its ideas and opinions about reality, the less we are willing to be touched and changed. The more we can stay with our attention in our bodies instead of our mind, the more we can let life touch us and change us and the more we can become what we really are. Which is Love itself.