Beyond Illusion (poetry)

I have this beauty spot above my lip, it’s really nice
because apparently it is a definite sign of beauty
but religiously every two weeks I have to pull out
an enormous hair to prevent people
finding out I am
a witch.

And this short dress I wear, is not to show my legs
or look good, or trying to look sexy in any way
it is just that I was way too lazy to change
and I also didn’t have a shower
so don’t come close

Seriously it is so strange for me to live in this world
that seems to be so much like a violent movie
where the characters only care for power
I never liked those movies
I just want to love

And I spend most of my day doing nothing else
then looking inside and being with what is here
that is all I ever do, really, even when it looks
like I am doing something that is
considered constructive

And I am so aware that this is all an illusion
so it is sometimes really hard to take it seriously
even while I am crying and being sad I also smile
secretly inside, knowing it
doesn’t really matter

So I am free to love it all, even the sadness and pain
and the crazy stuff and the hair in my beauty spot
that always comes back to remind me quietly
that nothing is as it seems to be
it is all just