Walking Each Other Home

We don’t really know anything because nothing is set, apart from some Universal truths as “everything is love” and “we are all one.” Even those truths can only be known by feeling them, not by the mind. Apart from those there are many, many different truths each moment, because we all have different experiences.

To know things is not the goal. To listen to the mind over listening to the Universe or Spirit, is like getting our news from Fox News. It is always trying to separate us from love.

The only thing we can do is walk in the dark, in the not-knowing, while feeling our way through what is true each second. It is a slow process of feeling into one-self, determining what comes from Love, and what comes from fear. Proceeding step by step, without any idea of the outcome.

We all have a part of the truth, and together we can figure out what is the most loving. Not by listening to each other’s ideas, but more by listening to everybody’s actual experience in the moment. Everybody’s truth is equally valid, because without one person’s truth we are missing a little part of the whole.

It is like everybody is investigating a little tiny part of the Universe and trying to bring it back home to Love. This can only happen if we speak up and share our experience and feelings. When we are brave enough to face our shame and embarrassment for our humanness and bring our little part out of the shadow, we can bring our tiny part of the Universe home.

So by feeling what is our truth each moment, and sharing that truth, and listening to other people’s truths, we can walk each other home.