The love that we are
I remember when my daughter was little
and I was overwhelmed and distracted
she used to grab my head in her little hands
and say Look at me mama, look at me
looking straight into my eyes
until I became present again.
I feel the beloved is calling us like that
-especially the ones of us who begged her to-
holding our heads and looking in our eyes
taking everything that we prioritize above her
until we finally turn our attention inside
to find her in all the lost pieces of our heart
So we finally start to rest in her love
instead of running around trying to escape
our fears, restlessness, grief and longing
courageously staying exactly with what hurts
because that is what she gave us to feel
and we do anything for her
Then we see that all we ever needed was her
and that facing all our fears and discomfort
was the dark road back to remembering her love
and the birth of being here fully on this earth
with our hearts undefended and open
dissolved fully in the love that we are