Hearts (poetry)

My friend and me
when we are together
we cry a lot
every other sentence
one of us chokes up
tears falling in our food

We are easily touched
by the state of the world
or our connection to a tree
or by the beauty
in the hearts
of the people we know
since we can see
straight through bones and flesh

It is amazing to share
this feminine connection
of being on our knees
no defenses left
after Love sat on our faces
for so long now

showing us
the deep dark vastness
of the unknown
and forcing us to feel
every untrue part until
only compassion remained
and love
so much love

This place of surrender
so f-ing hard earned
through heart breaks
and motherhood
and years of loneliness
so absolutely different

then we expected
from when we were young
when we believed
in fairy tails and romance novels
what is left now
is these hearts so humbled
our lives a prayer of gratitude
and love
so much love