Deep dark

I am so submerged in the deep dark

that I find it impossible to smile

since there is no happiness here

neither any kind of sorrow

just this impersonal sense

of exceptional peacefulness

with everything just as it is,

always exactly that, perfection

which is clearly somehow the same

as what love is, always was

this unmoving place of is-ness

this stillness we can call home


He is restless, my client

his mind can’t resist moving

in tantalizing directions

being in somebodies arms

enveloped in so much silence

I cup his face in my hands

and hold his eyes with mine

until he finally cries

because that is what is here

under the minds avoiding

this sadness for what he lost

and what he will never have

the grief of separation


The mind is a master at avoiding

it is such a scheming little thing

but from this place of what is now

things are so very simple

as they always are in silence

without the trickery of words

that give all kind of meaning

to that what was never ever

even meant to be personal

and the only thing existing here

is sensations and breath moving

our hearts relaxing in this field

of sacred stillness holding us