We belong to something that is so much bigger than us. Our home is enormous and made of unconditional love. Everything is part of it, so there is no good or bad. Everything is perfect as it is in this place. We are a part of everything; of the Cosmos, of the Universe. The energy that we are part of is so vast and beautiful and peaceful, and we can tap into it anytime we want.

The only thing we need to do to access it, is to go with our attention away from the mind into our direct experience. We can start by simply sinking our attention in our body and feel sensations. How does it feel to have breath come in and out of our lungs? How does it feel to be supported by our chair? Then we can feel into the energy that is here and notice how that feels. We allow ourselves to sink into the energy of the earth, and we open up to the energy around us. It is a dissolving, a melting. We become receptive and listen with our felt sense for the feel of what is here. The more we surrender our agenda and simply feel into what is, the more we open ourselves up.

This energy of home, of love, of silence is already always here. We belong to it, we are a part of it. It feels like home. All we need to do is open and reach for it, or ask for it, and it is here filling our cup.

We are so used to desperately trying to find home outside of ourselves that we don’t realize that we are actually already part of something amazing. The more we realize that we are, the more we start to turn our attention inwards to what is already here, instead of outside of ourselves.

We find that what we are is this field of energy, and that our human feelings and young parts are here to be loved by us and accepted and seen from this bigger place of being one with everything.

So when we feel separate and lonely, we can feel into those feelings and offer them up to this bigger energy of love. First we allow our mind to empty, because the mind is stuck in separation. Then we simply ask -or if necessary beg- to be taken home. We allow ourselves to melt back into this field of being that is always here, waiting patiently for us. Our home.