Being Held by Sacredness



Spirituality is an experience and each of us has our own relationship with it. We can read one hundred books but if we just read it with our minds, and it is not an actual experience, then it is simply a way for the ego to grab onto thinking it knows more then other people.

The way to experience God or Sacredness or Existence, or whatever word resonates most with you, is to consciously leave the mind behind and sink our awareness into our body.

Focusing on our body and our sensations are a way to keep us present. Our body is much more in tune with the infinite intelligence, simply because it is not the mind. The mind is the only part in us that thinks it is separate, because it is born from trauma.

The mind or ego, is made up of the defender parts that make sure our very hurt places are buried deeply. So the whiny part is buried deeply because we got punished for it, and the defender part is the one that thinks it doesn’t need anything. There is real investment in this part because it feels like life or death to not have the whiney part. This investment comes with a lot of thinking and comparing about how we are so much better then others, simply to keep the image of ourselves as not whiney alive. Sometimes the defender part is the opposite, holding onto how we are the worst person compared to others, but the bottom line is always separation. How we are different then other people.

We can get to know the underlying hurt and devastated parts and give them a chance to be, and process the feelings involved. That way we slowly will start to notice that our minds don’t have such a grip on us anymore, and that we can use it as is intended, as a helpful tool in life.

So to experience the sacred we need to practice dis-identifying with the mind as who we are. We can do this by dropping our attention in our body and focus on our actual experience. How does it actually feel to have air coming through our nose, filling up our longs and belly? How does it feel to have the air move out again? How does it actually feel to have a chair support us?

Life is an experience, but most of the time we are one step away from it, analyzing it instead of being in the experience. That is why sports people talk about being in the flow. It is when life and us are one and there is no separation. That is why when we see something unexpectedly beautiful, for one moment we are suspended beyond our little analyzing world, and end up one with life and in awe. For once we are one with life.

Our natural state is to be one with life but we are hardly ever there. We are usually lost in our mind, not noticing the flower. Or maybe noticing it, giving it a name, flower, but not experiencing the flower, not being one with it.

So when we drop our attention in our body and focus on our actual experience we are practicing being one with life. We can become one with breathing. We can loose our sense of self in breathing. We can become one with sitting in the chair, the feeling of it and for one moment forget about maintaining our separateness and simply be.

By consciously not focusing on the mind, we see what it means to be in the moment. Being in the moment means to be in the experience of life, present with what is, instead of always being in the future or past with our thoughts.

Being in the moment with our experience and sensations gives us another amazing possibility. When we focus on the experience of the energy that is around us and in us, we notice that it feels like home. It feels like everything we have ever looked for outside of ourselves, from partners or money or achievements. This energy feels like unconditional love because it accepts everything exactly as it is. Everything is welcome in this place. We notice that this energy seems to be always there already, simply waiting for us to notice it. It is the experience of God or Love or whatever name feels right for you, since it is something so encompassing that it is hard to name.

The more we can surrender to that energy and give up our separate self, the more we notice that we are a part of that energy. We see that -while everything in our lives always changes- this energy is always here. It is infinite and endless in its vastness.

So apart from being human in a life that always changes, knowing that in the end we will lose everything we are attached to, our deepest essence is part of this infinite energy. We can turn to this energy any time we want and sink into it, get nourished by it and be home.

The more we sink into this energy and give up our separateness, the more we can live from this deep field of knowing and Love. Then we can live this short life fully and without fear, because we know that what really matters and what we really are –this infinite unconditional love- will always be here.