Being Held by Oneness

I am feeling most easily one with everything when I have physical contact and when listening or moving slowly to music.

Everybody has a different way to experience Oneness, or Source or Spirit, or whatever we want to call this mystery. Some people get easily into this feeling of Oneness in nature, or when they sing or make music, others when they run or dance.

There are many ways. That’s why there are many people teaching many different paths to enlightenment. Mediation, Yoga, dance. It is the way they can themselves be easiest with God.

It is usually the place where we feel most safe. When we feel safe and our body opens and relaxes we can sink into the moment. We can be total with our experience.

The mistake is to think that the circumstance -music, nature- causes the Oneness, because then we start to believe that is the only place we can feel it. But it is simply the easiest place to feel it. Oneness is everywhere so we can even feel it when we are crying, or when we are in pain.

So instead of putting our attention on the outside -the circumstance- it can be helpful to put our attention on the inside and investigate the openness of our body and our energy, our yes to life, and realize that is the key to Oneness.

It is not something that we get from the outside, by singing or dancing or whatever, it is something that is always already here that we can consciously open to any time we want. When it is hard to open to it, we can simply ask or beg for it.

Again not because begging gives us something from the outside, but because begging makes our energy open and humble enough to receive what is already there.

The more we consciously connect with this energy of Oneness, the more we realize that we are held by it every second of the day and the more this connection becomes the most important thing in our lives.