Afternoon of Being

Lets just stop and notice how much love is here ~ this tree, this person, this stone in the dirt they are only love ~ we can relax here in this love, there is no hurry ~ everything is already been taken care of ~ we can just flow along with this love and rest. 

During the Afternoons of Being, we gather together to practice the state of Being together. In our day-to-day lives, our attention is usually with our minds, which distances us from life, instead of allowing us to be IN life. We see the world filtered through our ideas and beliefs instead of directly experiencing it.

Living life from a place of Being is actually very simple. It is the direct experience of the sensations in our body, and we discover that when we stay there with our attention, we connect more and more with the energy of Love and sacredness of which we are all a part off. We tune in to a cosmic intelligence and a different kind of knowing than we are used to.

Through Guided Meditation and music we sink into our body, below the mind and we stay in this space of not knowing anything, without trying to improve or change anything, while we explore connecting with each other, speaking from the moment, moving with music, and sharing from the heart. We hold our selves and each other with the utmost care and tenderness so we will be able to rest together in the Here and Now.

The Next Afternoon of Being is Dec 7th at Paradiso …