One on One Embodiment Retreats

During the One on One Embodiment Retreats you have a chance to get supported in staying present in the moment 24/7. The Retreats will last a weekend, 5 days or a week. During this time it is not just about meditating, although their will be different meditations, but Duija will teach you how to stay present and in that open space of meditation with everything that you experience or do. She teaches how to live from this space of Love and openness and how to be totally out of the way to let that love flow through us.

From that surrendered space it is likely that young neglected parts of ourselves come up to be recognized and examined. Since we are often hurt in relationship with our earliest parents and caregivers, the intimacy of the one on one relationship of the retreat will help the process of reconnecting with those hurt parts, so we can take responsibility for them.

Being in the moment is being with our direct experience of life. So without the interference of the mind that always creates a little distance to our experience by analyzing it, comparing it and always referring it to a ‘me’. How did I do? Am I good enough?

When we sink into the body and the experience we are one with whatever happens to us, like what happens when we forget ourselves for a moment watching an amazing sunset. Suddenly the distance is gone and we are one with the wonder of life.

Duija will help you stay as much as possible stay in this place of wonder and intimacy with life.

You will discover the adventure of living in the not-knowing and moving from non-doing. We sink into openness and receptivity to allow life to flow through us and follow life instead of trying to control it. When we allow ourselves to relax into life we realize the Love that is underneath everything.

The more intimate we become with ourselves, the more intimate we become with the world around us, the people we meet and with life itself. We realize that life can be trusted completely and that we are always held by Love.