Recovering Sacredness

~ The Art of Embodiment ~

“Embodiment is the process of letting life guide us to find all the small, unwanted, and shameful places in us that we still identify with. When we get to know them deeply enough, it becomes absolutely clear that we are not those places, but the Love that holds them all.

The more we are able to love and hold those places, the more we can live from this place of deep relaxation into the Love that we are. Instead of reacting and trying to control life, we allow life to flow through us.

In the end we discover that all the things we have been looking for -love, money, status, appreciation- mean nothing at all when we lose the shame about who we are.

Then we realize that all along, we were only looking for ourselves. We see that we are so full of love that we don’t need anything from the outside world at all.”

– Duija